Master of Information System Management (MMSI) program of BINUS University have  collaborative program with National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) for Dual Master Degree. Students who enrolled in this program will get to attend in BINUS for one year and NSYSU for One Year. Students will graduated with Master Management Information System of BINUS and Master of Business Administration (MBA) of NSYSU.

General Information

NSYSU is an university that was established in 1980 with its campus on the Sizih Bay, a well-known scenic spot in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Since 2006, NSYSU has been among the top universities in Taiwan to receive significant funding from the Ministry of Education for academic excellence. With a campus located on the Sizih Bay, facing the Taiwan Strait, and bounded by the Longevity Mountain and Mount Chai, students enjoy natural environment in the midst of a modern city of Kaohsiung. The campus is also has several transportation access which are International Airport, High speed rail, TRA Train, Metro-rapid transit (KMRT), Light rail (LRT), and Kaoshing i-bus).

The International Business MBA program was founded in 2005, and was granted by the Ministry of Education to enhance international interaction within Taiwanese campuses. NSYSU became one of the first seven national universities to begin an all-English, two-year Masters program. Our main goal is to provide students with various education backgrounds and working experiences a platform to interact, learn from one another, and gain hands-on global views.

The college of management at NSYSU is AACSB-accredited. It was the first college in Taiwan to be accredited by AACSB in 2005 and has since actively participated in a variety of academic activities hosted by AACSB, particularly those on teaching methods, to improve the teaching and research capability of the College’s faculty. The college also received re-accreditation in 2010, 2015 and 2020.

NSYSU offers a plethora of clubs for students to choose from, ranging dance to music to sports. Students can also participate in the Intramural Sports offered by the university. For housing, students can choose to live on campus or off campus. Living cost in Kaohsiung city estimated between TWD $8,000 – 10,000 (USD $267 – 333) per month. below are the estimated price list for housing in campus.

Study Simulation

Registration for this double degree at MMSI can be started only after MMSI students has studied in MMSI for at least 3-4 months.

The following table is the study simulation.  MMSI Student that is its intake periode does not match (periode 3-4) with MBA NSYSU intake time, if the student still want to join, have to extend its study time to be more than 2 years since

1st year in BINUS 2nd Year at MBA NSYSU Application & Selection Process
Period 1:  Sept – Aug Fall: Sept – Aug Feb – March
Period 2: Des – Nov
Period 3: Mar – Feb
Period 4: Jun –  May


Requirement needed for participating in this program is listed below:

  1. An admission application in English
  2. An enrollment certificate from the home university in English
  3. A bank statement of USD$4,000 or equivalent
  4. B form (visa health form) copy for Taiwanese visa
  5. A passport-sized photo
  6. A passport copy
  7. Official transcripts (with English translation if necessary) of courses from the first year of Master (indicating the GPA).
  8. When registering in NSYSU, students are required to submit a copy of an insurance plan that covers their study period.
  9. An English proficiency certificate (5.5 IELTS; 80 iBT TOEFL; TOEIC 700)
  10. All students must have an average 3.0/4.5 GPA or 75%, and have enrolled in Master of Management Information System for BINUS students and IBMBA for NSYSU students.

Tuition fee for MMSI BINUS:

Tution fee for MBA NSYSU (at 2nd year):


Living Cost

The following are the accomodation and living cost

Item NTD Approximately in IDR (1 NTD ≈ 500 IDR)
Daily Meal & Foods 5,000 / month 3 million
School dorm-housing 7,000 / semester or 1.167 / month 3,5 million/semester or Rp600k/month
Mandatory national health insurance 749 / month 374k/month
Total basic living cost with School dorm-housing NTD6,916 4 million


Item TWD Approximately in IDR (1 NTD ≈ 500 IDR)
Non-school-dorm housing 4000 - 8,000  / month 2  – 4 million / month
Public transport 1000 / month 500k / month
Communication & Internet 400 / month 200k / month
Entertainment & Leisure Vary Vary
Clothing Vary Vary
Utilities (Electricity, AC, Water, Garbage collection) Vary Vary
Airplane tickets Jakarta to Taipei

and Land transport Taipei to Kaoshion

4 – 6 million IDR / one-way flight

For further information, contact MMSI Study Program