Information Systems Strategic Management

Specialization of Information System Strategic Management (ISSM) is a program designed to prepare professionals who have the ability to plan strategic IS and to design a blue print of system strategic information for the company. This specialization is focused on how to manage, develop, and utilize the functions of IS operational companies to win the competition. This specialization is a program designed for those who are preparing to become leaders in the field of strategic ICT and professionals who already have managerial experience, and they want to deepen the IS science and also master the competencies associated with IS management. They will be experts in managing, developing, and utilizing Information System/Information Technology (IS/IT) resources to maintain the companies’ competitiveness in the midst of a very tight competition in the globalization era. In this program, students are taught and trained to make some strategic decisionsin resource utilization to be a good and realistic application system. Also, the students are also taught soft skills in the field of leadership and organization. In general, the program emphasizes strategic and analytical thinking methods needed by business leaders. Students will be challenged to not only understand theoretically, but also how to solve business problems using real IS / IT support.



Specialization of Technopreneurship (TE) focuses on developing entrepreneurial spirit capable of performing evaluation, analysis, and recommendation activities to develop an integrated IS enterprise architecture to increase the company's business value. This specialization is a program designed for those who are preparing to become an entrepreneur who is mastering management science and strategic business.Thestudentsare professionals having managerial experience, and theywant to deepen the science of Technopreneur.Next, they will become leaderswho are able to develop a business by utilizing the support of IS/IT to start opening new business and also mastering the competencies associated with making business plans, such as how to get business ideas, business analysis, market analysis, making financial cashflow, and ROI of an investment to start a business as Technopreneur. The curriculum and materials that will be delivered to the students should be reflected in the Course Outline (CO) of Learning Outcome (LO) and Graduate Competence which has been determined by MMSI Study Program. In delivering materials, lecturers are selected not only from the academicians having expertise in entrepreneurship, but also have experience to be practitioners, especially those who have relationship with investors (venture capital) who want to provide capital to students who have a business ideathat is visible, feasible to be financed, and can be implemented. The student will be a leader who will manage the business in starting a new business (Startup).