Web Application Survey Performance Evaluation at PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia

Hantze Sudarma and Tri Djoko Wahjono
Information Technology Department, School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University
International Journal of Communication and Information Technology 7(1):28-39, 2013

Abstract: Research on this case study aims to evaluate the web application survey PT. Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia. This case study was done because of some performance issue on the application. The problems related to the ability of software to speed data processing and reporting. Research was done on the performance of softwareand was combined using the gray box, that is, the evaluation of the test and evaluation of the code of the network itself. In addition, it was used for testing software for test automation. Automation tests were done as much as several times with a different number of virtual users. Results obtained were analyzed so as to be used as a reference for the results which pages have problems with performance issues, and were tested by using a solution which then were tested again on that pageand comparing the results. The final results of the analysis were compared with the results of the first test and then the results of the analysis and recommendations for improvement can be used by application developers in the future.