Research Topics

Kode Topik dan Sub Topik
00001 Business Process Management (BPM)
1 IT Role in BPM Improvement in an Ever Changing Technology
2 BPM Standardization in Industry Clusters: SoA Phylosophy
3 BPM and the Changing Corporate Culture
4 BPM in Public Sector
5 Algorithm Design in BBM
00002 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
1 ERP in a Changing Business Environment
2 ERP System Standardization
3 Study of the Role of ERP in Business Strategy and Competitiveness
4 ERP Application in Public Sector
00003 Information System Risk (ISR) Management
1 ISR Minimization
2 ISR Mitigation
3 ISR Standardization
4 ISR Automatic Detection Algorithm
5 Study of ISR in a Paticular Industry
00004 Information System Strategic Planning (ISSP)
1 Issues in IS Strategic Role in an Ever Changing and Standardize IS/IT and Business
2 Implementation of ISSP in the various Industries
3 Harmonization of ISSP and Business Planning
4 ISSP in the new IS Era of IS Capability
00005 Knowledge Management (KM)
1 Study of KM in the Various Industries
2 KM and the Corporate Culture
3 KM and Knowledge Based Economy
4 Knowledge and a Particular Culture and its Transferability
5 Issues in Migration from Tacit to Explicit Knowledge
6 Studies in the Strategic Role of KM
7 Stock Taking of Knowledge and KM in the Various Indistries : Toward Standardization
00008 Quality Assurance in Information System (QAIS)
1 Total Quality Management (TQM) in QAIS
2 Quality Standardization in QAIS
3 QAIS and Culture : Toward QAIS Performance Excellence
4 Stategic Role of QAIS
00009 Technopreneurship
1 Study of the DNA (or MEME) of Technopreneurs
2 Transferability of Technoprenourship among the various Industries
3 IS/IT business Models
4 Busisness Problems, IS/IT Solutions, and IS/IT Business Model
00010 Corporate Information System (CIS)
1 Corporate Architecture (Enterprice Architecture (EA() in the Various Industries
2 Studies in the Standardization of CIS-Architecture/EA
3 Building of CIS-A/EA for a Particular Industry
4 CIS-A/EA and its Strategic Contribution
00011 Information System Governance (ISG)
1 ISG and its Strategic Role
2 Issues in ISG for the various Industries
3 Implementing ISG for a particular Business
4 ISG and Culture
00012 Online Learning (OLS)
1 Optimal Blended Learning Strategy
2 Determining Factors of Blended Learning Success
3 Blended Learning and Culture
4 OLS Architecture in Optimal Blended Learning
00013 Information System Valuation (ISV)
1 Information Economics
2 New Information Economic : Toward Business Bottom Line
3 Costing in IS Valuation of Non-financial Benefits
00014 Service Oriented Architecture
1 Standardization in SOA
2 Studies in SOA vs Non-SOA Systems
00015 E-Business (E-B)
1 Operations Management in E-B
2 Quality Assurance in E-B
3 Marketing in E-B
4 Business Strategic Planning in E-B
00016 Information System Security (ISS)
1 Priority Setting in ISS
2 ISS Design and Management
00017 Green Computing
1 Optimization usage of Computing: A goal of minimization of Energy usage and Environmental Damage
00018 Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
1 Application of ANN in Solving Complex Structural Model
2 Application of ANN in Foracasting Requiring High Precision
3 Study in the Various Optimal Algorithms of  ANN
00019 Computer For Education
1 Intelligent System to Replace Lecturer: Creating various Application system
2 Intelligent System to Replace Lecturer: Psichological and cultural Issues
3 Computer for Education : Toward its Optimal Application
00020 Mobile Technology (MT)
  1 Management Issues in MT based Business
2 Marketing Issues in MT based Business