What is a Research Proposal?

Prior to conducting research every researcher must prepare a research proposal. Its main purpose is not only as a guide line for the researcher or anybody else (say, who wants to repeat the research in different place and setting – see Sekaran, 2010, on the meaning of “scientific research”) to follow in conducting the research, but also as a document submitted to donor to secure fund for the research. For this reason, it is therefore, that the credential of the researcher is usually appended to the proposal to convince the donor that it is a good research, worth of pursuing and of course funded, and that he is the right person to do the job. For the purpose of this module though, the emphasis would be to help students to write proposal of their Skripsi, Thesis, or Dissertation, which is usually have to go through examination in front of professors other than the advisors. For more, the complete article can be downloaded in pdf.

The above article is a contribution of Ir. Togar Alam Napitupulu, MS., MSc., PhD