Application Knowledge Management for Company

In this era, there are always a competition between company for getting more customer. Knowledge Management is important for company to help them grow and getting more customer. Company needs an Application Knowledge Management that can help them store, access, and manage their knowledge.

In my opinion, company needs their own database and search engine application for company’s whole knowledge. With it, the staff can search and access the data or information that already stored in database more easly.

The application must containt share knowledge between the staff, so each of the staff can give their opinion or idea about new feature that company needed for attract more customer and they can discuss it to complete the raw ideas to become a decision making to launch new feature of product or service.

Customers data and their feedback are also important to help company grow for better services, so the company needs application that can store their customers data and their feedback to knowing what is the customer wanted and needed from the company’s product or services.

Company needs data about their supplier and their business collaboration, so the staff and the manager can manage the connection between them and watching the project progress so far. (Ajie)