Application of Knowledge Management in a company

To a company, Knowledge is an invaluable assets that have to be kept to ensure the line work are not disturbed in anyway and to be improved for the better. The worker’s SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) is invaluable asset to ensure the quality and service that have been there. And from there the knowledge of a worker will be transfered to the next generation worker, wether it will be better or worse. By this, we can also see that the knowledge is always changing for the better or for the worst. This means that the company will always eliminate the worse change and always kept the one that improved their line of work.

The Knowledge transfer can be done in many ways including making SOP and technologies. In management ways making SOP is to ensure that the people didn’t do for the worse and the technologies is there to improve the way to make knowledge transfer easier. So, the knowledge in a company is something important that company needs to improve and make decisions better.

The knowledge also contains data and information to ensure decision making more considerable and improved the executives way of thinking, so that they didn’t make the same mistakes as the one before them. Long ago these datas was stored in a room full of dust and paper that really hard to search for something even when it is organized. So people began making technologies to make the information access easier. Then the application to manage knowledge is born by the name computer. It really helps but still really hard to access the enormously large data that stored in a company. So, they make a software to manage these “knowledge”.

The knowledge management software nowadays can also be used to improve communication within the company. As such, as the reports is getting faster to get from the field staff to company executive. The knowledge is flowing really fast by the advancement of technologies. And the technologies cannot advance without knowledge and good management of data.

Knowledge management is something that the company cannot lose. Because if they lose it, it means lose of income that have been achieved before, they cannot make the same thing because they don’t have any information about the product and they cannot make it better because they didn’t know the product defect is and what features to improve. The knowledge management is something too valuable that company needs to spend billions just to maintain the software and the people.

Company spend billions to train freshgraduates that just come into the line of work to ensure they didn’t make mistakes that will halt the revenue streams. The company needs to ensure that knowledge of the previous generation is passed onto the next before it was gone into the graveyard with their ancient employees. Even with their effort they still cannot prevent the knowledge is gone. So to make sure the knowledge isn’t gone, they make it physical and store is as SOP and the SOP will be stored in the knowledge management software.

The knowledge management is really important nowadays. Because it is more valuable than any money in the world. Because knowledge is the one making the money. And knowledge cannot be obtain by just spending much money. That’s why knowledge management in company is really important to ensure the company line of work still improved and the company doesn’t collapse.(Maxi)