Essay: Application of Knowledge Management in a company

Knowledge management is a series of activities used by an organization or company to identify, create, explain, and distribute knowledge for reuse, discovery, and learning within the organization.


Benefits of Knowledge Management, Knowledge management provides the following benefits:

  • Increase decision-making. Decision making is based on information and experience that has been reviewed from various aspects.
  • Enhance work and process efficiency. Work efficiency and processes are always evaluated for an organization to work smarter and make good use of its time.
  • Increase response to customers. Customer response is not only the responsibility of the current customer service but also part of the company's responsibility.
  • Increase the number of products or services and improve the ability to innovate. That is how the creation of an invoice is not only the responsibility of the researchers and developers and has become part of the responsibility of a company in an effort to develop a product.


Implementation of knowledge management conducted by PT Unilever Indonesia is

  1. One-Voice marketing communication One-Voice explanation is that although the communication system used by the company is different but if it is coordinated and has the right mission it will be easy to reach consumers.
  2. Human Resource Development In this section employees have valuable assets for Unilever Indonesia. Therefore Unilever Indonesia creates a comprehensive capital strategy and system. The things that are done are the Performance Development Program (PDP), which is where employees perform their work according to their ability, every mid year PDP is monitored through Continuos Improvement Discussion (CID) to discuss the things needed for the development of work system from employees.
  3. Culture Coaching here explains that a senior manager is placed in a department to assist or lead employees who are members of the department. But before becoming a coach they are given training in advance to know the techniques.
  4. Culture of Sharing Knowledge Here Unilever Indonesia appointed a senior manager to become learning champion willingly to share their experience and knowledge in their respective experts (Tommy)