Essay : Knowledge Management in a Company (2)

First of all we need to know Knowledge Management is Strategies and processes designed to identify, structure, value, leverage and share on organization’s intellectual assets to enhance its performance and competitiveness.

In a big company, where the company learns by doing, and the employees learn from experience, knowledge is very useful because they can track the effect and benefits from the previous decision or mistake that has been make before. Company is able to better manage the learning process by having its organizational knowledge. It can overcome the limitations imposed by the concept of tacit knowledge itself - it can raise its efficiency. Learning in organizations goes far beyond training and courses, and the development of these strategies is one of the most important aspects of knowledge management because almost since the beginning, knowledge management explored the differences between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge, between "knowing how" and "knowing what". Besides, It is also important because knowledge management also change the organization structure for example from the ordinary organization to become a “learner organization” that helped improve all of its aspect. It is also lead to technological advances, prevent corporate amnesia and increasing the globalization of businesses in the organization.

There are several effect or lets say benefits from applying or the application of knowledge management in a company, it is such as helps drive strategy, solves problem quickly, diffuses best practices, improves knowledge embedded in products and services, cross fertilizes ideas and increase oppurtunities for innovation, enables organization to better stay ahed of competition, build organization memories, etc.

So overall, the application of knowledge management in a company have a big impact benefits to its both employess and its organization itself. (Hugie)