E-Commerce in Indonesia

Technological advances encourage development in all sectors, especially the economy. In the past, people who wanted to trade had to go to a store or market, now people only use mobile phones to transact, very quickly and securely, so companies prefer to sell their products to their online store or online shop. And also cheaper in shipping or shipping. With E-Commerce their sales reach even further.

E-commerce that developed in Indonesia is very rapidly growing. Starting from food to car all sold in e-commerce. There are many emerging e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, such as, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and others. Lots of people are using E-commerce to sell their goods, from home businesses to large companies. E-Commerce in Indonesia is very influential for economic progress.

Economic growth and the growth of middle-class society has encouraged increased internet connectivity and smartphone usage. This helped encourage consumption behavior via the internet. Referring to data released by statistically, the value of retail sales of ecommerce Indonesia in 2016 reached 5.65 billion USD, or an increase of 23%.

According to PFS, a global ecommerce consulting firm, Indonesia is expected to be one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets in the Asia Pacific region in the coming years. In 2018, the market is expected to increase by more than 239%, with total sales of approximately $ 11 billion.

E-commerce competition in Indonesia is very tight so a lot of promotional campaigns that benefit the customer.

Here is data about E-Commerce competition in Indonesia:

1 Lazada and Tokopedia Being in the Peak Position

Lazada and Tokopedia are in first and second position as the most sought-after e-commerce in 2017. This can happen because of many factors:

This year's Lazada gets an increase in shares from Alibaba from 51% to 83%, along with some pretty diligent promotions of their anniversary promo, single's day (11.11), and online shopping revolution campaign (.

  1. Tight Competition Lazada and Tokopedia Looking at ranking on the Android platform, Lazada has a higher rating than Tokopedia. Lazada is ranked on average 2, Tokopedia average in position 3. While in IOS platform, Tokopedia ratings look higher than Lazada. The average rating of Tokopedia 1.75, while Lazada 2.5.