Enabling Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce

What is e-commerce??, so, e-commerce is describing the buying, selling, transferring or exchanging of product or information via computer network


As we know there is some type of e commerce like:

Business to business

B2B, e-commerce transactions happen between two companies.. Both sellers and buyers are organization

Business to consumer

B2C, transactions deal with customers purchasing products and services from companies through the internet.. Sellers are organization, buyers are individual

Consumer to Consumer

C2C, e-commerce activity is more recent, and usually requires a business to play the middleman.. Both sellers and buyers are individual

Consumer to business

B2C, transactions between a customers and businesses.. Sellers are individual and buyers are organization


And there is an e-government which is use technology and e-commerce to deliver information about public services for citizen. For the example there some type of e government:

Government-to-Citizens (G2C)

Government-to-Business (G2B)

Government-to-Government (G2G)

increase efficiency and effectiveness, and reducing costs


Electronic Tailing or we can say e-tailing is a retailing that we do in online method for the use of a new market. Web sites that are linked to corporate databases provide real-time access to personalized information. The actor using this method is we called e-retailer




reduction in the use of intermediaries between producers and consumers so it’s more directly and efficiently

Group Buying

A method to make a group of people buy the product by giving a promo if it reaching the target of people

Mass Customization

Firms can tailor their products and services to meet a customer’s particular needs

New Revenue and Pricing Models

Companies can earn revenues not only through traditional sales, but also through subscription, licensing, or transaction fees, web advertising or affiliate marketing

Social Commerce

Utilizing social networks to build lasting relationships and advertise products


How to get customers in online media??, it’s recommended to..

  1. The Web site should offer something unique

By giving something that attracting can giving a chance to customer come to you

  1. The Web site must motivate people to visit, to stay, and to return

Something that put a good Impression on your web to make them stay and return to you

  1. You must advertise your presence on the Web

And so, people know you by you advertise yourself

  1. You should learn from your Web site

By tracking how customers navigate through your site you can learn what is working and what isn’t and make adjustments accordingly


And it’s important to you designing your web so it’s easy to use, no bad links, understandable error messages, privacy/security, speed, simple navigation, user feedback, help features, one-click ordering, flexible payment, order tracking, Aesthetically pleasing, professional look and feel, color/font/images, consistent layout, no clutter