Enhancing Organizational Using Social Media

Nowadays, technology has been spread everywhere. Every year, IT company and researcher found the new technology. This new technology has helped many people around the world for doing their daily activity or maybe helping their business activity. One of the most wonderful invention that change the world is social media.

Social media is a tool that can be used for communicating with other people. Social media can connect people in a very long distance. People from children, teenagers, and adults have used social media in their daily lives. By using Internet, social media can be used in PC or mobile phone and it has helped many people to do their activity.

Social media also being used in several companies. Social media can connect all staff from different division and it will make the communication become easier. Social media can also connect from one company to the other company. For example, if company A want to contact their partnership, social media can be used as a media for communicating each other. We know that communication is one of the most important thing in a company so that company must have a good communication way to make all the things become easier.

The need for communication and collaboration

  1. Groupware
  • Synchronous

Communication that occurs at the same time from different people. The example is when someone is calling the other person.

  • Asynchronous

Communication that not occurs in the same time. The example is when someone reads the message text or email from someone a day after the message or the email was sent.


  1. Videoconferencing
  • Desktop videoconferencing

Communication with someone in the different place. This method is only support for one person with the other person using laptop or PC.











  • Dedicated videoconferencing

Communication with many people in one or many places. It takes a high price because the communication is occurred in an organizational conferencing room and using high quality video graphic.


  1. Intranets and Employee Portals

Intranets is an Internet connection that allows company to share documents or any files in the company. Using intranet will make the sharing activity become more effective and efficient.

Employee Portals can be used by company for their employees. Employees can check their record and data in the company.