Management information system for decision supports

Management information system has a lot of benefit for businesses. It helps to someone to manage, make decisions, organize something to make it easier for the users. However, there are few challenges to make a decision because of some factors which are: lack of experience, lack of workers, low time management, etc. To prevent this from happening, it is important to develop some decision support system and team decision tool.

One of its example is for decision making. There are three main types that include in decision making which consist of data management system, model management system and user interface. Those three parts are very useful for decision making and every single types has its different role.

Data-management system contains primary and also secondary data. Those data is then fed through a model management system. Model management system will carry out simulation analyst, What-If analysis, etc. So, the result is to form a user interface in a form of data, charts, and sheets.

To conclude this, decision making is very important in every business and in life. Without it, everything would be hard to manage because there is no decision making.