Social Media as Platform to Facilitate Organizational Communication and Business

Social media has played big part of human nowadays in all over the word due to increasing  widespread development of  smartphone and computer technoly. It has impacted social life of today  generartions. Majority people now have at least one smartphone at their pocket and also have at least one social media. Thefore, social media is a very good media and opportunity to facilitate business nowadays and enchancing organizational communication and collaboration.

One of the most famous social media is facebook. There are  more than 1.28 billions facebook users access the service for each month, this shows how facebook has been a big part of community nowadays. And also lots of big companies have joined facebook to promote their product for example coca cola, nike, Adidas. Hence, many public figures also joined facebook like artist like Justin bieber, singer , government figures like president, prime minister, and etc. Facebook means a very good transportation to connect between company and customer.So, business nowadays use facebook to build and approach their customer. And also there are lots of famous social media like twitter,Instagram that is used by company to enhance their communication.

The need for communication and collaboration is high because, most of business process require communication between employees, also with external partner like supplier and customer and other stakeholders. Hence, company nowadays operate the business in global scale, so it need an effective communication between customer and the locations. Therefore, to reach the effective global communication, it needs a good internal communication. Internal communication is divided in 4 types :

  1. Virtual Teams

Is a team that is structured by members of different geographic areas, assembled as needed to collaborate on a certain project. The membership is flexible. This team is usually used for tasks like developing software and systens, for example : the project manger are in Indonesia and the programmers are in japan and korea, but they can work together at their own location without face to face


Is a class of software that enable people to work togeher effectively. It is able to support 4 types of group interactions which is same place, different time, different place, and same time. One example of synchronous groupware is EMS(Electronic Meeting System) is a software tool to help group members solve problem through interactive organized processes such idea evaluation and voting.

  1. Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is used to replace traditional meeting.

There are two types of videoconferencing. First, desktop videoconferencing is enabled by growing power of computer processor and high speed internet. The requirement is pc, webcam,speaker, microphone and video software.

  1. Intranet and Employee portals

Intranet is private network that using webtechnology and acts just like accessible public website.But users can access company intranet using web browser. Company use intranet for their employee to access  their job task and increase employee mobility. The intranets are behind company firewalls. There are 4 types of intranet : Real-Tome Access to information, Enterprise Search, Collaboration : intranet facilitates collaborative business activities and employee communication, Employee portals  : enable employee self service for administering, managing retire plans.