Viral Marketing: Raising Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Social media is growing so fast in the past years, and as it grows up, it becomes part of people’s lifestyle. Social media is easily accessible to everyone, as long as you have the platform (gadget) and the internet, you can connect from everywhere around the world, it’s all only a click away. It’s easy, it’s free, and it connect everyone , that was the reason why social media is growing so fast. Since everyone was on social media, creative people find a way to make money trough social media. And as the time goes, social media have been the cheapest and easiest way to promote products or any kind of things including the people itself.


For the past years, many celebrity or public figure have use social media to connect with their fans or followers on social media.  And big companies look at that as a opportunity to promote their products.  The way to do it was easy, the company will pay the public figure to promote their product trough social media posts. The post will be seen by many people that follows the public figure. That creates “brand awareness”, making the product to be well known by many people.