This topic so interesting and easy to understand because from the logic we know that more difficult project that we have, there would be some mistake in that project. Here is some reasons why there are so much failure in some IT project

  1. Not tested enough

Talk about system, there’s nothing easy. A lot of bugs and lacks perfect inside it. Bugs or flaws are inevitable in an IT project. The longer you wait to perform testing, however, the later you will find faults and the more likely they are to derail your project. There’s really no excuse not to run tests early. If you find nothing you can rest easy, but if you do find a problem you can resolve it before it causes trouble.


  1. Out-of-the Box

By thinking the system, you will be able to think all about the system itself, is it enough? We should think the other perspective. Some failures happens because the system is not perfect, a lot of mistake inside. We should think outside the system, there are peoples who works that system. Is those peoples good at it or not. Kind of that perspective we should to know, it’s not about the system, but the peoples who works can be the factor.


  1. Goals

Most of projects fails because what they are trying to achieve isn’t made clear enough. What the meaning by that? This means that what we want to achieve is not clearly enough. All of projects certainly has goals. At the first time we have a project, we already make goals for that, but as long as the project starting, more people will get involved and come with another idea. What we have to think is our goals is absolute and just stick into it.


  1. Update

As long as the time goes by, the system has to be updated. Technology move and evolves so fast now that not regularly updating your technology platform can make you obsolete. To avoid obsolescence, you must embrace the new, such as hybrid and public cloud or new approaches to app development. If you don’t, you can guarantee your competition will. Ignoring the new because the old one still works is a big mistake. The system should evolves from the old generation into the new generation. There is no guarantee the old system can competing with the new one.


  1. No commitment

Large IT projects won’t work with off-the-cuff project management. They require structure to keep everyone focused and aligned with end goals. There are plenty of project management styles, but the reason many IT projects fail is because teams do not commit to a single approach. If you’re going to adopt a particular methodology, you need to do it properly, and that means getting everybody following the same guidelines.