Enabling Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce

Do you know how to get business to grow fast? The Internet and World Wide Web are extremely well suited for conducting business electronically on a global basis. Here I will discuss about Enabling Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce, what is Electronic Commerce? E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. E-commerce is where in one website provides or can make transactions online or can also be a way of shopping or trading online or direct selling using Internet facilities where there are websites that can provide services get and deliver. E-commerce will change all marketing activities and also at the same time cut operational costs for trading activities. As for opinions on the notion of E-Commerce that E-commerce refers to the internet for online shopping and a narrower range, where e-commerce is a sub-product of E-Business. The way of payment: via digital money transfer such as through paypal account or credit card Meanwhile, E-Business refers to the internet but a wider range. the business area occurs when companies or individuals communicate with clients or clients via e-mail but marketing or selling is done with the internet. thereby providing advantages of flexibility and efficiency. the payment method is through E-Gold digital payments and has been recognized throughout the world in conducting online transactions. In general, Website visitors can see goods or products sold online (24 hours a day) and can conduct correspondence with the seller or website owner made via email. In practice, shopping on the web requires a connection to the internet and a browser that supports secure electronic transactions, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Microsoft and Netscape, in partnership with credit card companies (Visa and MasterCard), and Internet security companies (such as VeriSign), have created a special encryption standard that makes transactions via the web extremely secure. In fact, Visa and MasterCard provide 100% security guarantee to credit card users who use e-commerce. Electronic Commerce occurs when any aspect of the transaction is facilitated by Electronic Communication Technologies. We typically think of the Internet, which is where the vast majority of Electronic Commerce takes place. Exchanges can involve consumer, businesses, and the government where any of these can be the buyer, the seller, or both. Electronic Commerce "the exchange of goods, services, and money between firms, between firms and their customers, and between customers, supported by communication technologies and, in particular, the Internet". The process contained in E-Commerce is as follows: Electronic presentation (Website Creation) for products and services, Direct booking and availability of invoices, Automatic customer account can be secure (both account number and credit card number), Payments made directly (online) and handling transactions. The advantages obtained by using transactions through E-Commerce for a company are as follows: Increase revenue by using online channels that cost less, Reduce paper-related costs, such as postal mail, printing, reporting, and so forth, Reduce the delay by using electronic transfers / payments are timely and can be directly checked, Accelerate service to customers, and service more responsive. Imagine if in this world there is no such thing as the Internet or the World Wide Web? Internet and World Wide Web Capabilities: Information Dissemination, Products and services can be marketed over vast distances Integration Web sites can be linked to corporate databases to provide real-time access to current and/or personalized information. Mass Customization, Firms can tailor their products and services to meet a customer’s particular needs The World Wide Web allows for information to be readily disseminated to anyone visiting a Web site, which allows products to be marketed on a global basis. As companies become more sophisticated, they may link databases containing information such as product specifications to their Web site, allowing customers and potential customers to call up details at the click of a mouse. Companies can even set up Web sites that allow customers to not only order products, but also specify individual customizations to them. Interactive Communication, Companies can communicate with customers, improving their image of responsiveness. Transaction Support, Clients and businesses can conduct business online without human support Disintermediation Cutting out the “middleman” and reaching customers more directly and efficiently The World Wide Web also supports interactive communication, transactions, and bypassing the middleman. Companies can do online chat sessions with customers who need more information, and then the customer can complete the order online. Disintermediation, where companies who have typically sold through distributors and or retailers now sell direct to end users, eliminating some of the expenses that the distributors and retailers have and impose on the distribution channel. All our efforts must be initiated with good intentions.