Internet and Our Behaviour

Does internet can change our behaviour? Lets we discuss about it. In this day now, we can see many people like to use internet like social media or anything. Even the number of people who is like to use internet in this world is increasing every single year. Nowadays the internet user can be anyone, for example adult, teenager, even we can see many kids like to use internet like social media, and they also like to watch YouTube. In this era almost, all parents have the same ways of thinking, they are allowing their children to play internet even though their ages is too small but they always allow them to play it because they think if their children already use internet in that ages it may be good for them to know more about technology when they are still young and they think their kid will not blind about technology when they grow as a teenagers. Beside that now in the internet there are many bad things like hoax, pornography, provocations, threat from other group of people, and many more. Those things that I mentioned it before was a bad thing for internet user that can change the behaviour of the internet user. Usually the victims from it was the teenagers and kid who like to use internet especially social media but sometimes it can be adults too, because if people that use social media see something bad like hoax news it can change their ideologies about something. So basically, hoax can change their behaviour and change another people mindset. For example, if there is an election and there are another people who makes a hoax news about another candidate to make only one candidate win the election and he or she spread their news from the social media it can change another people ideology if they are believe the hoax news and it will be bad for the candidate members who are being cheated in the election. Beside that the bad things about the internet is cyberbullying. So nowadays cyberbullying cases are increased and usually the victims are kids and teenagers but mostly teenagers. Cyberbullying itself also can change the human behaviour. For example, if there is cyberbullying from social media like insulting or trash talking it can broke the victims mental. They can be more introverts and more anti-social, and the most bad impacts from cyberbullying is it can make the victims leads to suicide because he or she was so stressed about it and they will remember all negative things from the bullies. So, in my opinion internet is not a hundred percent can change our behaviour because it depends on the user because if there is a hoax news we don’t have the believe that news, we can check the source of the news or we can just check the from the trusted news or a recommended news channel on the television or the internet.