Managing Information System Security

In modern era like now, they are many criminal around the cyberspaces. For example computer crime, cyberwar and cyberterrorism, etc. Computer crime is an act to performed knowledgeable computer user. Sometimes hacker can illegally browses or steals individual or group or company data. Cyberwar is the use or targeting in a battlespace or warfare with online control systems and network. Cyberwar also known as a war in cyberworld. Although this is littlebit and only light, but the damage of this cyberwar can make a serious problem. We can lost everything about important information and also can make the disaster around the world. Cyberterrorism is a criminal that used internet to do some violence to achieve a profit with intimidation. But, some of people choose the definition in a very narrow that terrorism associated with terrorism activity or organization that can make some interference in order to create some fear. Terrorism in cyber can be defined as criminal acts  that used computer, network,, and public internet that can made some damage and danger for their personal goals. Some of them are expert in case of hacking that can handled the high damage of sistem such as goverment institution, hospital, nasional security, etc. They want to make the situation of some country become chaotic and be affraid with the continuous attack. So, because of that we need to can managing information system security well for our data security. Managing information system security can be describes  the organized collection, processing, transmission, and spreading of information in accordance with defined procedures. Security, procedures and technical measures can prevent unathorized access and operatonal adherence to management standards. The basic principles of information systems security are the preserving personal privacy from unauthorized parties as one of the major objectives of confidentiality and also integrity in any business organization having IS, the values of data stored and manipulated, such as maintaining the correct signs and symbols is an important issue of concern This issue referred to availability that referred to as accessbility of information and in usable form when and where it is required. I tis also explained the availability of resources and data is an important issue of concern since system failure is an organizational security issue. . The system vulnerability and abuse means software program attaches itself to other software or data in order to copy themselves from one computer to other computers over a network. Sometimes they threats organization such as company. They steel some information such as password and etc. So, at the end we need any knowledge about how to managing our information system security in order to secure our data and keep our important data from unauthorized parties.