Supply chain management strategies enable companies to ensure the business has the materials, information and financial resources it needs to produce quality goods and services in a timely manner. By coordinating the flow of work from vendors to manufacturers and then from distributors to retailers, effective supply management techniques reduce inventory and ensure product availability when required. Customer relationship management programs are used to ensure parts and service get to customers when needed after sales are completed by automating business processes used for sales, service and support. Integrate supply chain management and customer relationship management functions to maximize your operations.



Supply chain management personnel ensure that all departments in the business get the raw materials they need to complete their work, while customer relationship management personnel deal with customers to make sure they get the support and services they need. Supply chain personnel work with vendors, while customer relationship personnel work with customers. For example, at a small veterinary hospital, the supply chain management personnel make sure the veterinarians and technicians have the medical supplies required to conduct routine examinations, perform surgeries and treat medical conditions for clients' animals at the hospital, while customer relationship management personnel work with customers to make sure they get the right medications to administer to their animals at home.