What is E-BUSINESS ? It’s a new way to do business process. With all connected to the internet, we can do our business process easily, anywhere, and anytime. We can exchange product and services across the network easily. This makes seller and buyer easier to contact and communicate. Another advantage of E-Business is , seller and buyer don’t have to meet each other to do business transaction.

Able to maximize operational system, create an effective and efficient operating system.


The benefit of e-business           :

  1. Faster responds
  2. Minimize expends
  3. Decreasing cost of inventory management
  4. Sell product around the world
  5. Easier to promote our product
  6. Seller doesn’t have to open a physical store, they don’t have to hire staff


Type of e-business/e-commerce             :

  1. Business to Consumer
  2. Business to Business
  3. Consumer to Consumer
  4. Consumer to Business


Components of E-Business                    :

1.Supply Chain Management

2.Customer Relation management

3.Enterprise Resource management

4.E- Commerce





Mataharimall.com is a new competitor in e-business world. This website sell outfit from children up to adults. Before become a website mataharimall.com was a retail shop located in various mall across Indonesia. But slowly the retail shop closed down because of competitive advantage and lack of innovation. Start from 2017, Matahari create and open a website called mataharimall.com. Matahari company must have a new innovation to survive in Indonesia market. Because everybody prefer to buy stuff and goods online.


Mataharimall.com e-business focusing on B2C, Business to customer, because there’s only one seller which is mataharimall.com itself. Mataharimall.com itself implement some of e-business component like CRM, where they must able to keep a good communication between them and the customer and handle the customer trouble and complaint. They also provide customer service, so the customer able to complain if there’s a malfunction or errors.

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