Right now E-Business is the largest trend in the world. To start E-Busines is a lot easier other than to start business using manual way, like search for partner and prepare a lot of funds to start busines. With E-Business people will easier to start business, because in E-Business people doesn’t need to have a huge amount of money to make busines. People can start business only with computer, and the internet. Only with computer and internet people can immediately make their business. So with E-Business is more easier than using manual way.

So example of E-Business is like Tokopedia, Tokopedia is one the largest E-Business in Indonesia, when we use Tokopedia we can buy many things easier. Why I say easier? Because if we use Tokopedia we don’t have to use much out time to visit store or we don’t have to tired to walk to the store. We can just open the Tokopedia and search for the things we want to buy or we can see all the recommendation in Tokopedia. In Tokopedia the transaction is using transfer from bank to bank, it is much more convenient than using cash, we all know by using cash is a bit troubled because we have to bring the cash to anywhere we go.

To start E-Business there is weakness and the advantages. The advantages with E-Business is easy access, save more time, and didn’t need a lot of funds. With all of the advantages start E-Business is more recommend to people who want to start their own business, but E-Business have weakness . And the weakness with E-Business is we don’t need to direct meeting, and risk of fraud.

So my conclusion is E-Business have a lot advantages other than the weaknesses. And its make E-Business is best recommend to all of the people who want to start their own business. Especially for busy people who want to start their own business, with E-Business makes its easier for them to start their own business and didn’t need a lot of their time.


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