Business Information System in Your Career

The Main Point of this Chapter is Why Information System so essential in managing the business and what Information System affect in business. We know that IS transformed the business like nowadays Hundred of business had registered to the addresses and million of people are now using a social network site. Not just that affect performed in business , IS also provide many new technologies such as New mobile platform, big data, and Cloud computing.

IS help the company to achieve excellent operational, new product and service, customer and supplier intimacy, improved decision making ,and etc. For instance (Case Base):

  1. Operational excellence: Walmart gained a higher profit and improved on productivity in 2014.
  2. New Product and Service: Apple always launch the new innovation such as Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, etc. In order to retained the customer and win the market.
  3. Customer and supplier intimacy: Tokopedia always notice us about the product that you are usually searching for. This marketing technique is used to get closer with the customer and knowing what they really need.
  4. Improved decision making : Go-jek are now using the “Big data” to make a good decision because big data provide a large capacity, fast speed data providing, real time data, and Good at analyzing data.

What IS affect in the Business:

  1. Accounting: to summarize transactions, create financial records, organize data, and perform financial analysis.
  2. Finance: Use systems for financial reporting, direct investment activities, implement cash management strategies.
  3. Marketing:
  • Work with databases for tracking and reporting on customer behavior, product performance, customer feedback, product development.
  • Enterprise systems for product management, sales force management, customer relationship management.

By: Melvin Chandra & Gunawan Wang