In this era many business used technology named E-business for improving their production, through industry 4.0 every business more easily to manage for achieving organization goals. Other than that E-commerce become good solution for firms to increase their market place, E-commerce is  subset of e-business, buying and selling  activities through internet , with E-commerce we can shop by mobile phone whenever and wherever. Many firms had used technology to selling their product for example Shopee,Tokopedia,Lazada,and more. With e-commerce as a new media transaction, more efficient and effective that gives many benefits for firms and customers. There are types E-commerce that are Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Consumer to Business (C2B), and more.

E-commerce have widely connecting , E-commerce can make innovation for seller, e-commerce can make improve customer satisfaction with good service, good product, and low cost. Website is used for offline store replacement, software used attached to e-commerce server and work simultaneously with online transaction system  for processing transactions. To increase profit and productivity there are five strategy that named five porter competitive strategy that are New Entrance, buyer,seller,competitors and product substitution, that can make our product better, innovative, and increase the profit. E-commerce give us many benefits that are not complicated so  for seller don’t need provide stock ,employees, and place and then  benefit  for buyer are lots of choices, more easily to buy, easy transaction, and just wait the things arrive in house.

But, e-commerce have disadvantage that are customers get shipping cost, low trust and frandelent products. often customers don’t believed to seller because not according to expectations for example product not as good from picture, many product are broken and more.


By: Rusfani & Gunawan Wang