E- Commerce : Digital Markets, Digital Goods

We know that the technological development make our activities more effectively and efficiency. One of them is in the field of trading. If we do a transaction by face to face before, in era modern, we just can using our mobile or apps to make a transaction. Now, we can also use E- commerce for making a transaction whenever and wherever. E- Commerce is a dissemination, purchase, sale, marketing of goods and services through electronic systems such as the internet or television, website (WWW) or other computer networks.

The development of E- Commerce is inseparable from the rate of growth of the internet, because E- Commerce runs through networks and internet connections. The rapid growth of internet users make it the internet has become one of the effective media for companies as well individuals to introduce and sells goods or services to consumers from the whole world. As a technology-based trade, e- commerce has reformed conventional trade where the interactions between consumers and companies are carried out directly into indirect interactions. I think E- Commerce has changed the business paradigm classics by growing models of interaction between producers and consumers in the world virtual.

The benefit of using E-commerce, Digital Markets and Digital Goods such as Cost of producing first unit is almost entire cost of product, costs of delivery over the Internet very low, Marketing costs remain the same; pricing highly variable, the time is unlimited, Home shopping, reducing the use of paper in various activities, the consumers can find in the product which is difficult to find in outlet or conventional markets, etc.

In conclusion, using the E- Commerce for the business or company in the modern era is very profitable for the companies as well individuals to do the transaction. By using the E- Commerce, it can be more effectively and efficiency. It also can be access by using internet whenever and wherever.


By: Fadillah Wira Hutomo & Gunawan Wang