E-commerce of TESCO

One of the most well-known E-commerce in the world is TESCO. Furthermore,  TESCO is the most inspiring market which could bring any markets or goods into your house . It’s clearly seen in the way they created this online market in the first place. Before becoming the renowned business sector, TESCO obviously was the one who generated the innovation for creating improvement on today’s market

In 1983, TESCO introduced the first computerized system to check out the goods that their customers wanted to buy. Moreover, their innovations didn’t stop in 1983, they have been keeping a good work on their market until now. In addition, the first time they published their only first e-commerce was in 1999 where people back then still struggled in creating efficient ways for selling and buying goods. TESCO also didn’t halt in 1999, they even created many different stuffs in order to differentiate their markets with other markets. For instance, they started to formed online clothes shopping, music download market, and they also published supermarket price comparison in their website so their customers could easily choose the same goods with a better price.

Instead of creating stores, TESCO saw that there was a limitation during buying and selling goods. The disadvantage that could be found in selling and buying in terms of direct buying and selling was it wastes time and strength. In spite of wasting time, they thought that maybe customers don’t need to come to the stores anymore so then they started looking on people’s behavior. First thing that they saw was people always go to work, so why don’t create a picture that can be scanned for online buying. Thus, they putted many big screens in public transportation that contain many goods picture that are ready to be scanned. Second thing that they had seen was some people were lazy to go to markets, in fact they tend to buy goods only in groceries. As the result they created the website and an app that could help them buying stuff conveniently

According to the activities that were held in TESCO, TESCO was the only one that could really bring many items that suit their customer and help them to reduce spending time in choosing many stuffs, including clothes, houseware, etc. The different TESCO with other online markets is the way they approach their customers, in fact many other stores only focus on one way to satisfy their customer which is online system and they don’t realize on other digital goods that perhaps make people satisfied with the product provided while for TESCO, they even calculate many possibilities to create a different stuffs that might be needed by the customers


By: Wilton Pangestu & Gunawan Wang