Information System and E-Commerce


Information system and e commerce are related, why is it related?. Because information system has impact to e commerce and business. Such as business process, managerial role and etc. a system intergrated people,process and technology. System analysis and provide important business objective like decision maker,services,business model,operation,compete advantage,survivalbilty and more. E commerce allow information to flow between organization and external customers even suppliers and competitors. Supply chain management enables organization to track a delivery product.

E commerce strategy should be incorporated in business / IT development  enterprise to generate the revenue through B2C and B2B on line transaction. The four attributes of management system software is to enchance knowledge of creation,storage,tranfers and application example windows operations system and mobile devices. Application software supports function such as accounting, human resources and marketing.

There are principal e commerce and revenue model. Such as advertising revenue, sales revenue,subscription,free/premium model and transactio fee. They are like e commerce’s marketing revenue through website or application. Information system software help to create an application and website for e commerce companies to sale their product and promoting their product self. E commerce needs internet accces to communicate to their customer.

In conclusion, e commerces are using information system to help activity of e commerce and management purposes. It provide a system that anylsis important business objective. Information system create a hardware and software to apply application that e commerce operation run smoothly. Information help on business strategy as well.


By: Muhammad adriza fadrullah & Gunawan Wang