IT Infrastructure : Hardware & Software

IT Infrastructure is a platform that made to support all information systems in the business. There are many component in IT infrastructure there are Hardware , Software, and Data management Technology to organizes, manages, and processes business data that concerned with inventory, customers, and vendors, Networking and telecommunications technology. There are many types of computer there are supercomputer, workstation, server, personal computer, laptop, mobile devices.

Super computer and workstation usually used for processing a complex calculation with thousand of variable. Server usually used for saving data and access data by the user . Personal computer laptop and mobile devices usually used by user to access data from the server and get calculation from super computer.

Nowadays IS trends that use IT infrastructure are like green computing and cloud computing. The green computing is a system that use technology to make earth environment more better for example paperless education (not use paper anymore to submit any homework, e-learning, use social media to learn), paperless branding & marketing( not use paper to give cv, use internet for marketing and business).

The cloud computing is used internet to make cloud as a service for example saving document in server so we no need to spend more money for buy hardware and maintenance, cloud computing can be use to be cloud software as a service like on demand computing like e-business and e-commerce like Lazada, tokopedia, shopee, ect. But the disadventages to use cloud computing is the security is far more fragile than use intranet. Because of that the service company usually hire a profesionals to keep the server safe. And cloud computing also can be Cloud infrastructure as a service it is more like make a infrastructure to be a place to placed the server in that place. Because for the big cloud computing the server must be placed in a special place that have a standard procedure.

Programming language that often use for business are C, C++, Visual Basic,& Java. And for the operation system for business usually use GUIs and multitouch, for PC operating systems use Windows, Mac, Linux (open source), and for Mobile operating systems for business they usually use Chrome, Android, iOS.

So in nowadays many technology company using the cloud computing and many big company have their own private server so their data can be more secured than the public ones and they can maintenance their own server place. Some of them have their own supercomputer to calculate their own project. They use usually do green computing in their office like the electronic automaticly shutdown or be power saving mode when it is not used to press their maintenance budget . When they want to hire a officer we can just submit our cv through the internet no need to print and give we just submit and waiting for call. That’s why now in many tech company their workers working flexible no need to have their office hour. And no need very big space to their workers.


BY: Fernando Gontani & Gunawan Wang