Application of Information Technology in Business by Adhisty Michelia Alba

Information Technology (IT) has a very important role in the business world because information technology is very helpful for a company in expanding its scope and business network through the digital world platform. The development of information technology has begun to be widely applied by various companies both national and private. Advances in technology and information are very helpful for business people to get various information or data that will support the progress of their business. Everything can be completed effectively and efficiently without wasting time and energy.

One important role of information technology in the business world can be seen from how information technology makes it easier in product marketing. In this digital era, where people are very familiar with social media, it is easier for business people to promote their products through social media, which of course makes marketing easier and has a huge impact on product sales because social media is easily accessible to all society groups.

It can also be seen from the role of information technology in helping companies organize all important data such as activity reports, financial reports and so on. With the presence of various types of software that can help work on company reports so they can be arranged neatly and minimize errors caused by human errors

Information technology can also help to increase the company's competitive advantage. One example is information technology that can provide information about what consumers want, trends that are circulating in the community, and other business opportunities so that companies can make the data as a reference to create new breakthroughs that will attract consumers' attention.

In this digital age information technology has provided many conveniences in all aspects of life, especially in the business world. Information technology can increase the efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out business activities. Also information technology helps in facilitating all activities and provide opportunities in business development


Adhisty Michelia Alba & Gunawan Wang