With the rapid advancement of technology today, it can be said that information technology has entered into all fields, one of which is in business. Businesses without utilizing information technology will not be able to progress and are threatened with bankruptcy. Many business people who use information technology to support business progress and get the desired benefits.

Utilizing information technology in the business field will have a big positive impact on the business network that we build. Here are some important benefits of information technology in the business field:

1). The emergence of new business opportunities (E-business), with the advancement of technology and information will encourage some people to create some very profitable opportunities and as a very profitable business capital. An example of using technology and communication advances is Google. Where the google search engine is widely used to search for something on the internet and the google company will get many benefits.

2). Reducing production and operational costs, advances in technology and information can help companies reduce production costs so that the company will get a large profit by spending a small expenditure. and reduce operations so that the company can increase the amount of production in each of its production goods.

3). Simplify the process of communication and monitoring of each employee, simplify the process of communication and monitoring of every employee who works, so that employees do not have to bother coming to the meeting room and gathering together, and can conduct teleconferences to communicate with each other about several ideas. This makes meetings more practical and can also supervise the performance of employees.

4). Access to information and dissemination of information, publishing news through the internet can be widely spread quickly compared to using fax or post. We can spread information throughout the world and can interact directly through computers.

5). Fast communication, many existing facilities on the internet prove the speed of communicating with the intended person, such as e-mail that has been widely used to send and receive documents. Chat or video conferencing also speeds up communication.

So the role of the development of information technology at this time cannot be separated from the business world, because the development of information technology can provide various advantages and conveniences in carrying out business activities. But in addition to providing benefits in the field of business, information technology can also be misused in a bad way. Therefore, for its use it must be used wisely.

Alfian & Gunawan Wang