Information Technology. Today in an effort to win the competition in the business world, the application of information and communication technology is needed as a tool so that this organization can be more advanced and developed.

The development of information and communication technology in the company is carried out thoroughly, it is adjusted to the resources provided by the organization. In its application, the strategic plan of information technology is always adjusted to the plans of the proposed company or organization, the application of information technology is approved that can produce good value for the company or organization.

IT applications in companies or organizations that are the foundation of various applications that exist in such companies or organizations, namely network management, databases, operating systems and so forth.

Basic applications are IT applications that will be used in all basic matters of company or organizational resources. For example accounting and financial systems or applications, payroll systems, and others related to company resources.

An IT application that matches the specific needs of the company or organization, especially those related to the process of creating products or services that will be offered, such as property applications, accounting applications, forwarding applications, warehousing applications and so forth.

What is the role of Information Technology in companies?

In general, information systems have several roles in companies, including:

  • Minimize Risk

Of course every business has risks, especially on financial factors. Currently various types of applications are available in an effort to reduce the risks that are often faced by businesses such as forecasting, financial advisory, planning experts and so on.

  • Reduce Costs

All systems that were manual in the company or organization are turned into automatic so that it can reduce costs for labor and others.

Savings on promotion costs can be done by implementing information and communication technology because promotion can be done online, besides that consumers will also be able to see your company or organization's profile from anywhere in the world.

The conclusion is that by applying information and communication technology within a company or organization will be able to save costs in all aspects such as labor, process, marketing and even management. In addition, other benefits provided are able to accelerate the development of the company by increasing margins in your company.

Ave Maria & Gunawan Wang