In this modern era, the technology is increasingly developing. Many people in this world, using smartphone, laptop, computer, etc. They use because in this era many activities are done at the technology (study, work, shopping, etc). The goals of the technology is about to make people life more easier than before, to shorten the time and many more. I will take an example , is about business. In business, the technology is very important thing, why I said that is because in business we have to take relation with other people/company, we can’t make our business with ourself, we have to search the partner to make our business running smoothly. The second is with technology we can market the product easily, because with the internet we can promote our product globaly and then many people can easy to understand about our product. Third, In this era, already very popular name called “E-commerce”. What is the E-commerce? E-commerce is distribution, purchase, sale, marketing of goods and services through electronic systems such as the internet or television, www, or other computer networks. E-commerce can involve electronic fund transfers, electronic data exchanges, automated inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems( source : WIKIPEDIA). Example of the popular E-commerce base in Indonesia : Tokopedia, BukaLapak, Shopee, Gojek, Grab, and many more. There a lot of company in Indonesia use the E-commerce to developing their business, and can compete with others company. The benefits of the E-commerce are facilitate communication between producers and consumers, facilitate the marketing and promotion of goods and service, expanding the reach of potential customers with a broad market, simplify the buying and selling process, simplify payment because it can be done online, facilitate the dissemination of information. With technology, delivery of goods to be easy and fast ( one day arrive). Many people enjoyed the features of E-commerce, they think it makes their job easier and spend the little time to get something what they want. For me, E-commerce is very usefull in this era because its very easy to use it, what we want is all there (Food, Fashion, Electronic, and many more) and don’t need much time to get if, everything easy, payment is already online. We just have to wait at home until the goods come to our home. So for me, IT can very Improve the bussines.


David & Gunawan Wang