Technology has had a major impact in the modern workplace, revolutionising the way businesses conduct their daily activities. Whatever industry you are operating in, technology helps your customers access all the information they need to successfully interact with your company. It can also help staff perform their jobs more efficiently. In the use of technology information is divided into several things that support the company's activities like increase productivity, reduce operational cost, increase decision making, improve relationship with costumer, and develop new strategy applications.  Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. Technological infrastructure affects the culture, efficiency and relationships of a business. A business uses technology information to make it smart company. Intelligence in business performance means the ability of a company to succeed in a rapidly changing global market and is continually fragmented for high quality products and services, with good performance, and configured for customers. Obviously, implementing a new IT infrastructure is meaningless if your business has no need for such technologies. Therefore, it’s important to understand your company’s needs, its pains, and its processes before you can make the right decision. Process improvement requires clear and calm judgement, so don’t rush in for the latest technology trends unless your business has a burning need for them.  IT plays an important role in every industry, helping companies improve business processes, achieve cost efficiencies, drive revenue growth and maintain a competitive in the marketplace. Information technology can speed up the time to takes the new products to reach the market. Companies can collect the information in the internet and write the product requirement document by gathering market intelligence from database, customers and sales representative. From the innovations in manual to efficient delivery system, information technology helps businesses respond quickly to changing customer requirements. The conclusion is that by applying information technology in one company, it will be able to save costs in all aspects such as labor, process, marketing and even management. other than that another advantage is that it can accelerate the development of the company by increasing margins in the company.


Bryant Siauw & Gunawan Wang