How IT Can Improve The Company Business by Bellie Saputra

Nowadays every human being knows what technology is and what is its use in life and in the business world technology is also needed to help and support the progress that occurs in this business, because by considering this technology the company can improve the company's bottom line and with the development of technology systems information now every company does not need improvement for every product of the company because of the rapid advancement of the current technological system.

Information Technology is a technology used to manage every data, process, obtain information, compile, store important information, and manipulate data to produce quality data that is used for personal, business and government purposes and to find information strategies for making decisions. is the Strategic Information System? information systems that use Information Technology (IT) to increase and gain profits and increase in competing minimally to get strategies to advance business in the present and future.

The basic business strategy by utilizing IT is by investing in information technology that enables companies to build IT capabilities and strategies to take advantage of opportunities from IT systems. Companies can take advantage of investments in IT by developing various interesting and new products and services that may be needed can succeed without strong IT. For example, what is important now is the further development of corporate intranets and extranets that support them to enhance the effects of previous investments in internet browsers, PCs, deciding and client / server networks, what an intranet intranet is looking for a computer-based network TCP / IP protocols such as the internet are only used in internal companies, offices, and even internet cafes (WARNET) that can be categorized as Intranet.

Extranets are private networks that use internet protocols and public telecommunications systems to securely share part of business or operating information with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers and others.

The role of information systems and information technology in the company that is to provide 4 main roles in the company's business, namely to improve:

  1. Efficiency

Replacing human work with IT information systems making it easier to work and speed up work.

  1. Effectiveness

Information systems by company leaders to make more effective decisions based on accurate, timely, reliable, easy, cheap and reliable information

  1. communication

Makes it easier to take and accelerate decision making that can now be used by email and teleconference

  1. Competitive

With the development of IT, companies can improve the competitiveness of companies in the current global era.

The advantage of the advancement of IT technology in the company is the efficiency of the workforce because it is fairly automatic because it is done by the system, and also more cost-effective to be incurred by a company, with the availability of up-to-date data and information, decision making can be faster, thus making the company more competitive in competition, save on marketing costs and promotion of products marketed by the company, because it already uses a company website that also functions as an online company and expands the market. Which means it can be concluded that IT mainstreaming in the development of a company is very useful to improve and more profitable for the company with this progress the company is more willing to spend a capital because the company can market its products through websites and advertisements and be more competitive in today's competitive global era.


Bellie Saputra & Gunawan Wang