Five porter forces analysis



What is PegiPegi is one of Indonesia's largest online travel agency that will help you manage your travel needs, whether it's business or pleasure, work or play. offers simple method in choosing, booking and pay for any hotel room, in Indonesia or overseas, and airplane tickets.


Top Competitor - Duti Tours And Travel's Logo

Duti Tours And Travel is perceived as one of Pegipegi's biggest rivals. Duti Tours And Travel is headquartered in Mojokerto, Jawa Timur, and was founded in 2012. Like Pegipegi, Duti Tours And Travel also operates in the Travel Agency industry. Duti Tours And Travel generates 37% the revenue of Pegipegi.


Top Competitor - Indonesia Flight's Logo

Indonesia Flight is one of Pegipegi's top competitors. Indonesia Flight is a Private company that was founded in 2012 in Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Raya. Like Pegipegi, Indonesia Flight also operates in the Travel Agency field. Compared to Pegipegi, Indonesia Flight has 215 fewer employees.


Top Competitor -'s Logo has been one of Pegipegi's top competitors. was founded in 2011 in Setiabudi, Jakarta Raya. Like Pegipegi, also works within the Travel Agency field. generates $2M more revenue than Pegipegi.




Pegipegi has been connected with various other interrelated systems in order to get information. This greatly facilitates the customer when making a ticket booking and also the availability of rooms at the hotel.Pegipegi in providing ticket availability services is connected with various partners who own the fleet and also the hotel directly. On the ticket provider service for airlines, Pegipegi collaborates with local and international company.Pegipegi also collaborates with more than 80,000 hotels. In the payment method, Pegipegi is connected to many banks and cash payment outlets.


Bargaining Power of Customers

Pegipegi is one of the online travel agents (OTA) that provides hotel bookings, plane tickets and train tickets, until the beginning of May, the number of Pegipegi app downloaders reached more than 2 million.This figure, an increase of 293% or 3 times that of early May 2016.  In detail, the number of new customers and returning customers is balanced, which is 50%.  When viewed as a whole, the most customers come from hotel booking service users.

Threat of new entrants

Threats from the followers can occur but the capacity is not large. The company is quiet new too. This can be done if they improve the service  and add some new features too.

Other strategies

The strategy is to provide promod and discounts. As we can see, pegipegi like to give us promo voucher or discount if theres an events like christmas,chinese new year,and etc. Some of the strategies are by offering competitive prices as well as features that increasingly spoil customers, such as PayLater, which is a feature of the payment method that provides installment programs for up to 12 months.Then, travel insurance, is a feature that will provide maximum protection with an easy claim process for delays to personal accident.  Online Refund, is a feature of the refund process where customers only need to do it through the Pegipegi application.  Online Check-In, is a feature that makes it easy for customers to avoid delays when checking in at the airport.

Analysis how far does the company employ information technology

Pegipegi always improving their company to be the best. They can make the web and apps looks so great. As we can see like the securities in transactions are great. They’ve done so well with no mistakes. This includes a fairly high security system. Any transactions that’s not accord to the procedure easily find out buy the system itself. So they really improving the security system.

Initially, Pegipegi Provided Only Special Hotel Booking Services in Indonesia.  New In 2013, They Opened A Service To Order Plane Online.  At that time, the trend of ordering through online is indeed on the rise, then began to emerge competition in the same business.


Meanwhile, the new pegipegi free android application appeared in July 2015.  This application can also be accessed specifically with iOS.  In its development, they also began to include train booking services.  This makes it easier for users to find the desired mode of transportation. Pegipegi has also experienced an acquisition.  Precisely in 2017, this application received support from "Recruit Holdings" who also became the manager of  With this acquisition, there is also an increase in train ticket inventory as well as plane tickets.Pegipegi improving because of technology, we can see like ini 2012 they’ve like nothing because only a few people know, but if we see right now pegipegi is on of the best travel service apps. They improve so much in security,designed,services,and many more and they will improve more because technology will always continue to develop.

Pegipegi can be this big today because they did really well to improve their system. They keep improving their systems it means they improve the securities,features,IT. Well IT is the most important because pegipegi can be made because technology. If technology is not developing right now, pegipegi cannot be made. For me overall pegipegi already doing a really great job. Maybe there are some mistakes but they can solved it.