Master of Information System Management program of BINUS University have collaborative program with National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (NTUST) for Dual Master Degree. Students who enrolled in this program will attend BINUS for one year and NTUST for One Year. Students will graduate with Master Management Information System of BINUS and Master of Information Management (MIM) of NTUST.

General Information

NTUST is a public university that was established in 1974 with its campus located on the Taipei, Taiwan. The learning outcome that Students will have by enrolled in this program are  Students will be analytical and critical thinkers in major functional areas of modern business, Students will have in-depth knowledge in an area of specialization, Students will have enhanced communication skills, Students will have enhanced information processing skills, Students will have advanced understanding and adoption of ethical practice in a business environment. In order to graduate from this program, students need to have minimum 36 credits course and Successfully defending thesis.


The following are graduate courses for students are currently offered in English by professors from Dept. of Information Management:

  • Mobile Computing (Prof. Yung-Ho Leu)
  • Data Mining (Prof. Yung-Ho Leu)
  • Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations (Prof. Yu-Qian Zhu)
  • Information Systems and Management (Prof. Yu-Qian Zhu)
  • Cryptography (Prof. Tzong-Chen Wu)
  • Gigabit Network (Prof. Yuan-Cheng Lai)
  • Network Flow Model and Applications (Prof. Cheng-Huang Hung)
  • Multivariate Analysis (Prof. Cheng-Huang Hung )
  • Multimedia Systems (Prof. Chuan-Kai Yang)
  • Information Security for Web Services (Prof. Nai-Wei Lo)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis (Prof. Wei-Ning Yang)
  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Business Applications (Prof. Bor-Shen Lin)
  • Inventory Theory (Prof. Cheng-Kang Chen)

Study Simulation


The following table is the study simulation, MIM NTUST only admit twice a year at Fall and Spring Semester. During the 2nd year at MIM NTUST, student must stay study on site full time in NTUST Taiwan

1st year in MMSI BINUS 2nd Year at MIM NTUST Application & Selection Process in NTUST
Period 1:  Sept – Aug Fall: Aug – Sept Feb – Mar
Period 2: Des – Nov
Period 3: Mar – Feb Spring: Feb– Mar Aug – Oct
Period 4: Jun –  May

MMSI Student that is its intake periode does not match (periode 2 & periode 3) with MIM NTUST intake time, if the student want to join, have to extend its study time to be 2 years + 3 months.


Registration for this dual degree at MIM NTUST can be started only after MMSI students has studied in MMSI minimum 3-4 months.


Requirement needed for participating in this program is listed below:

  • Bachelor Diploma
  • Bachelor Transcript
  • Master Transcript of Record
  • Two Recommendation letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Minimum TOEFL ITP500 or iBT47 or its equivalent;
  • Minimum GPA is 3.0 during Undergraduate

For registration can be done in the following link: http://www.oia.ntust.edu.tw/home.php?Lang=en.

Tuition fee for MIM BINUS: https://graduate.binus.ac.id/tuition-fee/

Tution fee for NTUST (at 2nd year): https://www.admission.ntust.edu.tw/p/412-1052-8881.php?Lang=en

For further information, contact MMSI Study Program


Administration process are listed below:

1. Open website










Living Cost

The following are the accomodation and living cost

Item NTD Approximately in IDR (1 NTD ≈ 500 IDR)
Daily Meal & Foods 5,000 / month 3 million
School dorm-housing 7,000 / semester or 1.167 / month 3,5 million/semester or Rp600k/month
Mandatory national health insurance 749 / month 374k/month
Total basic living cost with School dorm-housing NTD6,916 4 million


Item TWD Approximately in IDR (1 NTD ≈ 500 IDR)
Non-school-dorm housing 4000 - 8,000  / month 2  – 4 million / month
Public transport 1000 / month 500k / month
Communication & Internet 400 / month 200k / month
Entertainment & Leisure Vary Vary
Clothing Vary Vary
Utilities (Electricity, AC, Water, Garbage collection) Vary Vary
Airplane tickets Jakarta to Taipei 3 – 5 million IDR / one-way flight