Analyzing Factors That Encourage Passengers to Use QR Code as Fare Media for Rapid Transit in Jakarta

By Taskia Fira Indriasari & Riyanto Jayadi

This research aims to know whether the implementation of the QR Code as fare media in MRT Jakarta has provided the expected benefits by identifying factors that encourage people to use it. Therefore, this research was conducted using an integration of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Theory and Diffusion of Innovation Technology Theory (DIT). This research conducted a survey method and resulted in 401 respondents indicated that Actual Usage was influenced by various reasons related to Behavioral Intention to Use, Attitude, Perceived Cost, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, Timesaving, Compatibility, and Trust. among others. This study's outcomes enhance the current knowledge about QR Code System as fare media in MRT Jakarta. It can also be used by MRT Jakarta to devise appropriate strategies to improve the quality of QR Code system in MRT Jakarta in order to increase the number of passengers using QR Code.


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