Business Study Of Network Provider Development in XYZ Industrial Area As a Stage Towards Smart Industrial Park

by Edi Yusuf Wirawan & Riyanto Jayadi

Network to Network Interconnection business model to build a network provider in an industrial area requires careful calculation and design because it is related to multi-provider networks and, particularly,
related to investments and operations that must be profitable in the future.It is adopting Metro Ethernet technology as the backbone and FTTX technology as the access transmission system of the Network to be
interconnected. The data analysis using top-down with the business case as the objective and is translated into network design and interconnection modeling between providers from outside the industrial area, and
is carried out qualitatively and quantitatively. The discussion starts with the needs of end customers, marketing strategies and is manifested in a network design that can answer all the requirements of tenants
in industrial areas and support the acceleration of the smart industrial park.An accurate investment calculations, by selecting the right backbone technology and access can be a successful factor in building network provider in industrial estates.

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