Analysis Five Forces of Uniqlo (Jarot S Suroso)

By Nadira Elysia Putri & Riyanto Jayadi

Threat of Rivalry

  • Globalisation and intensified competition.
  • Changing customer liberalisation on textile and clothing quota.

Threat of Entry

  • Minimising the costs without sacrifing quality.
  • Maintain mobility in adapting to new market demands.


Threat of Substitutes

  • The blurring demarcation on the casual clothing family can be seen as an opportunity for substitutes.
  • The company purchase the fabric and retain ownership of the raw materials, so making it hard for rivals to imitate substitutes for UNIQLO brands.

Threat of Suppliers

  • The price and availability of commonly used fabrics such as cotton, synthetics and wools might fluctuate significantly due to its dependence on demand, weather, supply conditions, government regulations and economic condition.

Threat of Buyers

  • Buyers are increasingly appearing to prefer above standard apparel with a much lower cost, making apparel less differentiated.